my little angel

having a baby slows you down... it gives you time to reflect on your life and how you've been living. for me, my priorities shifted completely. i never knew that motherhood can change a person so much. while i still believe in working damn hard for $$$, its no longer to satisfy my own material needs but for the comfort of my little angel. i want her to have the best, to have things i never had.

i'm glad i made the right career choice when i graduated, for now i have the luxury of watching my little angel grow up yet still have the means to shower her with gifts. i treasure every moment with her and wonder why i never had her earlier. with her, i found time to do the things i loved, like photography and baking, all while spending quality time together. my heart fills with joy when she smiles and laugh and aches when she cries. she's my little angel.

i baked dh a fruit cake for his 31st birthday on 11 July... here's what it looked like.


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