I'm 12 weeks' old!

my little princess is 12 weeks' old today! everyday i thank and praise God for this wonderful gift. she's very alert and inquisitive - she sleeps a lot less now (very often refusing to nap) and loves looking around so we can't stay at the same spot for very long. daddy says she is restless, just like mummy. we've been doing tummy time with her (but grandma freaks out coz she's worried that princess will suffocate herself when on her tummy) and trying to get her to sit on her own - which she manages quite well! :) she is also able to differentiate who's carrying her and very interested to start talking - with her constant cooing!

here are some photos taken since the last post...

other than being mummy's full-time photo model, princess did her first studio shoot on 21 June with Pix n Portraits and we are still waiting for the studio to process the prints.

in case anyone is 'complaining' about the lack of posts, its largely because i have been working on two photo projects - just completed one today and still have one more to go... but definitely very fun (and time-consuming)! in case you are interested too, take a peek. go ahead, do one for yourself! i've also found an online photo processing company - very convenient for lazy people like me!


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