happy birthday to me

me... the mummy, that is... i'm getting closer to the big 3! scary!

sleep, that's the present little one gave me. she has been waking up every 2 hours for feeds the last week or so. i put it down to 'growth spurt' and am very glad that i do not need to report for work every morning but last night, she only woke up once (even though i woke up a couple of times to check in on her) so there, my little one gave me the opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep. how sweet of her, isn't it?

i do think that she's very 'clever' for her age, from examples:
  • when i was staying with my in-laws, she was willing to drink expressed breast milk from bottles (fed lovingly by grandma). the minute i moved home, she rejected the bottles and only wanted to latch on.
  • she started 'recognising' mummy and daddy from about 11 weeks. no one else can carry her now.
  • she 'allows' me to do my things, e.g. when i finish my bath, i need to dry my hair (otherwise i get a terrible headache), so she lies on my bed and watch me dry my hair. but when i am not doing anything, she 'demands' to be carried and loves to walk around. i'm the privileged one coz dh has to carry her and walk around all the time! :P
we decided to make her passport so that we can bring her along our trips across the causeway (where things ARE cheaper)... unfortunately, the photo i submitted online for her passport application got rejected (i tried photoshopping it! :P) so i brought her to the studio y'day to have her passport photo taken. here's what she looked like:

pretty, isn't she? just like mummy :P


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