princess on day 09

our little princess is 09 days old... :) isn't she just adorable?

on monday, i woke up with my whole body aching... by mid-day, i was having a fever... it went up all the way to 38.8 degrees... all because of engorgement. before i went to see the lactation consultant, i set out to do some shopping online - i bought some Goat's Rue (that is supposed to help improve the milk output), nursing tea (for the same purpose) and a Ameda twin electric breast pump. i am not going to give up breastfeeding my princess because of some pain. the lactation consultant gave my right breast a good massage (which hurt like hell!) and sent me to see my OB for the fever. i spent 4 hours in RH, mostly waiting, before getting home @ 1930 hours. i was prescribed medication (a double-edged sword - too much of this medication will cause the milk production to cease permanently) to help with the engorgement and was told to take panadol for my fever and body aches. this 'suffering' made me grouchy, teary and i lost my temper @ DH when he took too long to figure out how to set up the food warmer for baby's expressed milk which i kept in the fridge. sorry honey, it was unintentional!

on tuesday, i woke up feeling much better. my breast pump and Goat's Rue arrived. i managed to pump 90ml using the new pump with so much less effort. i feel so much better oredi. i started taking the Goat's Rue and now eagerly awaiting the result.

today, after multiple changing of schedules, i am finally going to get my well deserved massage. i cannot wait.

bask in the beauty of our little princess while i enjoy myself... :)


mama bear said…
lovely to hear that all is well :) Baby C is beautiful.

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