the birthing of princess

its almost a week since my dear princess made her grand entrance - my day/nights are now topsy turvy and for the next few months, i will NEVER have the opportunity to sleep my regular hours (10pm - 7am) again. yet, i can't complain; she's such a joy - i love it when she smiles, enjoy her blissful expression she finishes feeding and when she stares at me in the quiet of the night with her big, beautiful eyes.

i promised to share the story so here it is...

as per doctor's orders, we admitted ourselves to the hospital on the morning of 09/04/07 @ 7.30am, after each having a plate of bee hoon and nice, cold drink @ the foodcourt on level one. on admission, i was immediately strapped onto the CTG machine to monitor princess' heart beat and my contractions. dr. appeared @ 9.30am (he was supposed to appear @ 8 plus!!) and seeing that i was only 1cm dilated, he made arrangements to induce me with pitocin, after breaking my water bag.

the "unbearable" wait then began... i started feeling strong surges @ 1plus and requested for the 'laughing' gas to help me focus on the breathing. dr. appeared @ 2plus and did a 2nd vaginal examination (VE) - i was 3cm dilated and according to him, TOO SLOW! he told us that he'll be back @ 6pm to do another VE and left us on our own once again. unfortunately, the surges became unbearable @ 5plus (i was almost hysterical and could no longer focus on my breathing). WITHOUT asking for another VE which i should have (going by the contractions monitor, i was probably fully dilated and ready to push oredi!), i succumbed and asked for epidural. the anaesthetist took too long to come (in my opinion!) and too long to give me the epidural (had to explain the side-effects, made me sign the patient consent form, too much small talk, etc) - i was almost going to swear @ him! once the epidural was administered, i was able to calm down and focus on my breathing. dr. reappeared @ 7.15pm and commented that baby's CTG was 'abnormal' and i would need a c-sect if there was no progress. upon doing a VE, he 'announced' that i was in fact ready to birth my baby! so after 15 mins and a couple of pushes, my little princess made her grand entrace with her loud cry! agpar score @ 1min : 9 and @ 5mins: 10. she weighed 2.965kg and 49cm 'tall' @ birth.

first thing DH said 'wah, she's got lots of hair!'

first thing on my mind 'oooOoo, my princess is gorgeous!

obviously, i did not get the birth experience i was looking for but i guess i can't complain (things could have been so much worse!) - we have a beautiful and healthy baby gal! right now, we are still adjusting to our new role as parents but we are so thankful to GOD for blessing us with such a wonderful gift!


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