almost week 40

in another 2 days, i'll be 40 weeks pregnant... obviously, its good that i've reach full term without any hiccups so far but i'm also getting worried. dr tan is not about to let me wait out for natural birth to happen. he deems it is 'medically necessary' to induce me this thursday because i have lost 1.2kg in the last two weeks and he's concern that its either because 1) the placenta is not working well or 2) the amount of amniotic fluid has decreased. this is despite a normal CTG done today @ his clinic and princess putting on another 1+kg bringing her estimated weight now to 3.2kg. sigh... i've been hoping for a TOTALLY drug free birth and its becoming seemingly impossible now. i will have to return to the clinic on wednesday to do another CTG in order to delay induction to next monday. princess claire, you have TWO days to make your grand entrance so please... be a good gal!


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