princess @ 2 weeks

this is princess @ 2 weeks' old... :)

on a good night, she will sleep 4 hours straight after one feed... on others, she will wake up every hour and 'demand' to be nursed. i have to produce at least 70ml of milk every two hours to satisfy this constantly hungry baby or allow her to latch on for 20 mins minimum or put up with her incredibly loud wailing. i can't understand how someone so small can be so loud? yet i get immense satisfaction knowing that she is thriving from whatever little milk i am giving her - indicated by the number of soiled diapers DH and i have to change every day (she's already using the 3rd pack of diapers we've got) and her weight gain. for that alone, i shall endure all the pain and soreness and persevere in breastfeeding her until she no longer wants to be breastfed.

on a side note, i can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans oredi! :)


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