a day of thanksgiving

yes, thanksgiving is still a long way from now but as i sit and enjoy the new love in my life, i can't help but feel blessed. so today, i'm going to give thanks to the many wonderful people in my life.

i give thanks mostly to the Lord, for a relatively easy pregnancy. i did not suffer all the discomfort associated with being pregnant. in the first trimester, i was just mostly tired. i slept through the first few weeks - never actually 'suffering' from nauseousness, morning sickness or the likes of it - i just hate my regular toothpaste. in the second trimester, i had more energy. i spent my days shopping and preparing for the arrival of my love. i ate and slept well. in the third trimester, things slowed down for me - i worked lesser but smarter. work was smooth sailing at most times. i give thanks for not putting on too much weight and whatever i gained mostly went to my new love. i give thanks to birthing a healthy and beautiful baby. i give thanks that i suffered no stretch marks and less than two weeks after i birthed my dear princess, i can already fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans. thank you lord! you are great!

i give thanks to my family - to DH - without you, there will be no princess. i love you both so dearly. to my parents who nagged at me constantly to take care (mostly mum obviously). to my parents-in-laws who religiously prepared bird nests for me week after week and also for taking care of me in the past few weeks, ensuring that i had plenty to eat and lots of rest.

i give thanks to all my dear friends and colleagues - for all your constant support and words of encouragement, for all the wonderful gifts and shower of love and concern and to joey, for lending me your pregnancy wardrobe!

i give thanks to my boss - for being totally understanding and allowing me the time to enjoy my pregnancy, for allowing me to stay home when my body needs the rest.

with that, here are more photos!

my preggy portraits...

birthing princess...

all the wonderful gifts we received...


Sweets said…
Lovely portraits :)

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