what a morning!

the maid's gone home - nope, i didn't send her back; she wanted to go back - she SAYS her mom is terribly ill and so she wants to go back and see her. she told us on sunday after she came back from her rest-day, we booked her a ticket on monday and she was off y'day - just like that. that leaves me without a domestic helper until the new one arrives (we went to the agency to pick a new one on tuesday).

i've not done the household chores for a while now (since last july when this one arrived) so it took me a while to locate the necessary 'equipment'. i'm glad that li'l one was co-operative and 'allowed' me to go about doing my chores while she 'entertained' herself... i managed to do the laundry, mop the house, change the bedsheets, bathe the dog (i couldn't locate his towels and had to use the rag instead to dry him) and cooked lunch for us (li'l one & me) and dessert for everyone - not bad for someone who is 6 months' pregnant but has a tummy which more closely resembles one who is due soon, eh? li'l one has been asleep for almost two hours now and i'm hoping she naps for another hour... that would give me some time to rest!

to digress a little, why isn't there a 'penalty' for domestic helpers who break their contracts? afterall, they leave their employer high and dry - not everyone has the luxury of taking time off work just like that to run their household when the domestic helper takes off. shouldn't the employers be 'protected' in some way?


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