good timing...

my li'l princess went down for her nap at the right time today - she must know we'll be heading out; going for a complimentary 'positive tots' trial class with one of her mates later. i expect her to be up in another half hour or so and i'll have plenty of time to give her lunch + get her ready to go out. i even managed to complete filing my taxes (the hard part, i.e. consolidating the receipts for claims, was done early in the week) and had my own lunch.

so what else were we up to y'day??

i gave her her first 2-year old haircut! :P

how does she look? she has been 'complaining' that she feels hot but refuses to let me tie up her hair. i'd love for her to grow her hair out so she can tie her hair into a nice bun when she starts ballet classes (next year when she turns three) but obviously, this gal thinks otherwise. oh well, anything to make her happy!

i also made a call to the agency to get updates on our new domestic helper and seems like she might be in by next week! let's keep our fingers crossed that she will be a good one... frankly, i am quite tired of changing and training helpers!


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