unfair maid agency practises and lousy maids

first up, is there an avenue i can complain about maid agencies to?? pls email me if there is.

forgive my ranting, just have to get these off my chest (you can ignore this post if u don't want to read abt my complains)

there has always been a lot of press about employers who treat their maids unfairly/unkindly... but how come i hardly read any about unfair practices to employers? unfair practices include those by the maid agencies and insurance companies - i'm sure i am not the only one putting up with such nonsense.

we 'collected' the maid on saturday afternoon so effectively, she has been with us for 2 days. for the first time in my life, i met a filipino with sub-standard english. the agency INSISTED that that was the english standard of ALL filipinos. are you kidding me? my parents have hired filipino domestic helpers for more than 20 years and i have NEVER met one who has such lousy understanding of english (my previous one was also from philippines and she speaks/understand much better english!). in her biodata, she indicated she studied for 12 years (which meant that she completed college) in ENGLISH - hardly believeable! my two year old li'l princess probably speaks/understand more english than her. in addition to her atrocious english, she is slow as a tortoise - we left her to clean the bathroom y'day morning to have our breakfast downstairs (at the coffee shop) - 45 mins later when we came back, she was still cleaning the bathroom. in the afternoon (at 2.30pm), i gave her some clothes (mainly dh's work clothes) to iron and we went out at 3.30pm. before we left the house, we told her to prepare her own dinner and have her dinner as we were dining out (and showed her all the necessary equipment/food she would require). But when we came back around 9pm, she was STILL ironing AND hasn't had her dinner!

update: the owner of the maid agency called and asked us to give this maid a 1mth trial - offered us a FOC replacement then if she is still not up to the job.


Sweets said…
Is this her first domestic employment job? If so, then its quite "standard" that they are slow, new and lack confidence.

I would just get another one who's more experienced. Unfortunate for the helper but its the agency's fault for not managing expectations better.

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