counting blessings...

Its 4am and I’m awoken by my usual urge to relief myself – as I get up and walk to the bathroom, my dreams are still twirling vividly in my mind – my dear friend, you write so well!

I read a good friend’s blog earlier today and after going through some of the entries, felt like kicking myself – how come I did not pick up her unhappiness in the last few months? We normally catch up over messenger and while I noticed her ‘quietness’ online, I wrote it off to ‘busy with work’ and ‘strict company policies’ (many companies do not allow ‘social tools and websites’ – think chat tools, friendster and facebook) – never did I expect all that heartache she has been going through and I feel really bad about not ‘being there’ for her.

My dear friend, you are the reason why I am still bfing my li’l one today, the one who gave me heads-up how tough my bfing journey will be when I just started and the one who gave me the support and strength to carry through up till now! When C was having eating (or rather, not eating) problems, you too shared your wisdom with me! While it has since been a couple of months and your ‘wounds’ are probably slowly healing, I’ve started praying for your recovery and that God will answer your heart’s desire in good time as he has answered mine. Please slow down your pace and take good care of your health in the meantime!

Later today, we (dh & I) will also probably find out if another one of our good friend’s IVF procedure was a success (there is a 2 weeks’ waiting period). I pray for them – for the implantation to be a success and for the wife to carry the baby/ies to full term.

It is in times like this that I slow down (even at 4am!) and thank the Lord – it is so easy to take Him and His work for granted in our hectic lives but He has blessed with me in more ways than I can possibly keep count of. While I grumble about my weight and the constant need to scratch and pee, don’t be mistaken… I AM GRATEFUL! I KNOW that the Lord has been kind to me.

‘Dear Lord, thank you for all the good grace you have shown me! Please give me the patience, strength and wisdom to carry through in my daily responsibilities of bringing up the children that you have given me. At the same time, please watch over all the expectant mothers so that they may all have smooth pregnancies & healthy babies. Please bless those who desire with the same blessings you have given me. Amen!’


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