lunar birthday

according to the chinese, li'l one should be 3 this year... and her lunar birthday is on the twenty-second of the second month, which is today!

some of her li'l frens had planned to visit the zoo and we decided to 'gate-crash'! our annual zoo pass will be expiring at the end of this month and dh is not in favor of me renewing since i probably won't be able to go too often in the later part of this year so this may well be our last visit to the zoo for the year - i wanted to let li'l one try out the new water play area within the children's section of the zoo at least once. interestingly, even though she is quite a water baby, she didn't really enjoy the water play area (maybe its because my helper was the one accompanying her instead of me!) anyhow, we can always resume our membership after #2 turns 6 mths (which is when li'l one will turn 3 and will not enjoy FOC admission anymore)

after our zoo outing, we headed to town for some retail therapy as i wanted to buy some items from Daiso (a japanese concept store which really sells things from china for a cheap S$2 p/item) before heading home to cook the 'customary' mee-sua for li'l one.

as always, photos...



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