i've been asked this a lot recently - what's the gender of #2? when i give my answer, i usually get this response 'good! can close shop already...' funny how we have been 'brain-washed' by our gah men that 2 is the magic number (that was what our parent's generation were told) and the consequence? we have to import 'foreign talent' now... to make up for the 'lack of offsprings' - so much for having foresight!

so i say, if you can afford it - have more! i know that we all want to give the best to our young ones - but i believe that we can make the most out of the limited resources that (almost) everyone has. we (dh & i) are far from wealthy but we do have the luxury of me not having to slog it out to contribute to the family finances (as with many of my friends who are SAHM). this allows me to spend time with our li'l ones in their formative years - sure, we can do with a bigger house, a bigger car or more luxury goods, who doesn't? but i believe material things can come later and being there for my child(ren) in their first few years is far more important. sure, C is not enrolled in the best school, doesn't have the best toys nor the most expensive clothes but at the end of the day, does all these matter? i believe that the times we get to spend together is worth much more than all these, don't u?


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