we went to the zoo again...

can't remember how many times we have already been to the zoo this year but today, i took the opportunity to bring our domestic helper along as she has never been there before (the only tourist spot she visited so far is sentosa) - we didn't take many photos though... just a couple for the kids. and as always, HE blessed us with good weather (it started drizzling only when we were in the cab on the way home).

left the place disappointed (& hungry) coz the cafe was closed and i didn't get the chance to eat my usual chicken rice - the only venue selling food inside (other than kfc) only had 4 selections (nasi lemak, fried rice, vegetarian friend beehoon & meehoon) which did not appeal to my palate (nor pocket - each pathetic set was going for S$7.50) and we had to cab home since there was no one to hitch a ride from and it costed us S$20+. don't ask me why but li'l princess was exhausted from the trip and had to take a FOUR hour nap!

at the entrance waiting to go in

we finally caught the elephants' bath time!

the 4 kids - looks like a double date hor (2 boys vs 2 gals!)

a group photo while waiting for the tram

li'l one just had to get out to exercise her limbs after sitting in the stroller the whole morning!


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