happy halloween!

thanks to Aunty J & Aunty G, we had a fun-filled halloween (bbq) night with lots of yummy food & chit-chatting while the toddlers had their 1st experience of 'trick or treating'! each of us invited were supposed to bring/prepare some food/drink item, dress up our kid in a costume as well as bring a toy to entertain them & a healthy snack for the 'treats'. i spent a couple of hours scouring the malls for suitable snacks and finally selected these 3.

Organix - Organic Noughts & Crosses, Laughing Cow - Cheese Snack & Marks & Spencer - Organic Milk Chocolate

for the adults... i prepared chicken curry & fried beehoon (which was unfortunately too wet coz my helper didn't discard the water after soaking the beehoon) - no photos though, as we rushed out almost immediately after i finished cooking... coz i thought we *were* late!

photos next...

the toddlers warming up to each other & playing with the toys we prepared

all the treats we prepared for the toddlers!

aunty L's mil made a lovely *evil looking* pumpkin shaped cake just for the occasion

aunty J & aunty G's neighbour distributing treats to the kids

C with her loot

family photo for keepsake

photo of the mummies

C playing by herself after costume change

wearing aunty J's halloween headband

C's loot from the party & bucket full of snacks
(thanks to aunty J for the cute halloween book & the other mummies for the yummy snacks!)


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