days away from...

turning 18 months old! how time flies... (yes, cliché and i've already said it many times!)

her appetite took a dip in the last couple of days (again) and all these while, i've been thinking that its her molar cutting through that is bothering her! how wrong can i be?!? its not one, but FOUR of her teeth cutting through all at once! *sigh*... my poor baby! i soothed her today with teething gel, lots of hugs & kisses and allowed her to nursed as much as she wanted and she finally drifted off to la-la land! i'm keeping my fingers crossed that she keeps up with the good job of sleeping through the night!

*side note* she went from 8 to 12 teeth just like that and bad mummy did not record down the dates that the various teeth erupted!


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