happy children day!

coincidentally, children's day falls on a public holiday this year so gives us an opportunity (of sorts) to 'celebrate' it with dd. after much deliberation, we decided to take her to the nearest park & check out the stables that i've read so much about. honestly though, it was like any other weekend that we spend with her, nothing fanciful; no special treats nor presents... i guess we are just not the sorta parents who indulge our child excessively and to us, time spent together is in fact the best gift we can ever give to her, more so than any material goods.

as usual, our active child was happy to be out and about!

practising her motor-skills

her fav. activity @ the playground - rocking rides!

checking out the (smelly) pony @ the stables - maybe she can learn to ride horses when she is older!

in the meantime, she will have to be contented with riding wooden horses though... :)


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