thank you

many thanks to all the kind words and support from all you dear friends since my last blog entry - i'm fine, really! just needed to get that out of my system - anyway, i've figured that since i've bfed her (more than) a full year, there's really no harm giving her some other source of milk. we bought Karihome's full cream goat milk today from the local supermarket and i'm going to mix that into her cereal for some meals (i think daddy only realises today how much $$$ i've saved him for bfing for a full year - a small tin of Karihome costs about SGD24 - of course there are cheaper alternatives but only the best for my dearest one!). :)

i'm also so very glad to have my happy, smiling baby back - seems like her cold has left her (please stay away for good - i don't like you coming to visit at all!). See her megawatt smile now that she has recovered! and hey, her appetite also came back - i managed to give her half a bowl of cereal this morning and half a bowl of porridge for dinner - and guess what? that's good enough for me!


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