first (informal) playdate

i've been meaning to get some form of playdate going for some time now but trying to co-ordinate the dates/timings of a group of adults & their babies is really no joke! different schedules, different nap times, different meal times and so on... our usual weekly meet ups center mostly around the adults since the babies (& toddlers) have to spend their time either on the high-chair or stroller or walking (& falling) on dirty restuarant floors so i thought it'd be great to give the babies (& toddlers) a change of environment occasionally (Read: clean floor, plenty of toys/activites w/o worrying about getting HFMD)

nevertheless, we finally got it going - today claire and i invited some friends over for a dip in our pool - i'd like to believe that they all had fun - but as usual, i'm too lazy to whip out my camera so i've 'stolen' some pictures from those who came... haha... enjoy!

the host with her pooh float

little cherelle in claire's 1st float

little jk & the host side by side in the pool

'working out' those leg muscles on land

the host sharing some snacks with little jesse, after the dip in the pool

thank you mummies & babies for coming! agnes, sorry joanie couldn't join us this time. jeanelle, sorry we don't have any photos of faith!

by the way, claire & i are looking forward to our next playdate!


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