1st picnic

with god's good grace, we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon out at pasir ris park with our friends - it was also claire's 1st picnic (its virtually impossible to get dh to go for picnics coz the weather here is just unbearable but i believe when we visit oz in july, we'll be able to enjoy many beautiful afternoons lazing at the many parks with the nice weather!)

there were a total 9 mummies with 8 toddlers-in-tow... noti aunty leo decided to take her 'off' day and leave JK at home instead of bringing him along to join in the fun! we each brought along some food and drinks to share... enjoy the photos!

my contribution - fried beehoon with leo's absolutely delicious & healthy sandwiches

what's a picnic without junk food?

Its such a nice day, Mummy!

seated from the left: kieran, joanie, jordan, claire with clarisse look on in the background.

claire seated with jordan boy

jesse: what shd i do with this ball?
malcolm: i'm going to stuff the whole pacifier into my mouth...

aunty maureen with handsome jeremy in the background - malcolm seated in front

geez, what am i supposed to do with so much food?


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