sorry for the ...

lack of posts! i've been so busy lately... wow! its been almost a month since i last put in an entry! time really goes by in a flash! my precious one is almost 4.5mths old now! why am i so busy, you ask? here are a couple of reasons:

- little one is awake more than ever and when she is awake, she wants to be entertained (haha... actually she entertains me with her funny antics)! i sing, read her stories, flash cards and exercise with her and of course, we go shopping every day. plus she has 'learnt' to flip since around 2 weeks ago so i really have to constantly watch her (in case she 'flips' off the bed)

- i've been running up and down my in-law's (and my parents') place to 'familiarize' little one with her grandparents. she started 'recognising' people from around 11 weeks, refusing to allow anyone else (other than mummy and daddy) carry her.

- i've been organising (and participating) in online shopping sprees from US. can't help spending money when i see all the nice things for my dear princess! can you imagine that my credit card bills are more than $1K each month and none of that is for me (other than eating)?

- daddy is away on reservist training so mummy is all alone with little one... which means i hardly have time for myself since there's no one else to 'take over' the duties!

- i'm actually working (seeing clients, i.e.) to earn $$$ for my little princess!

well, those are just some of the reasons. the main one is that i'm still trying to catch up on my sleep whenever possible. the lack of sleep has cost me to lose things! argh!! not good at all! i'm sure i'm starting to look like a panda anyway. i've not cut my hair for more than 4 mths, have not done a facial in ages, no time to exercise nor go for a good massage. heck, most of the time, i have to rush through my meals and shower too! sigh... enough of my 'grumbling'...

on a happier note, little one has achieved multiple 'first' since my last entry (what i can remember off my head)

- recognise key caregivers
- flip around completely (from back to stomach then on back again)
- crawl for a short distance
- stand supported
- sit unsupported
- makes additional sounds other than 'goo', 'eehh', 'ahh' (hopefully, she'll go 'mama' soon)
- enjoys her bath
- have a 'fixed' daily routine
- sits on her high chair and 'play' by herself

- had her hair cut (fringe only coz too long and poking her eyes!)

she definitely enjoys the 'new' view - watching the world on her stomach instead of constantly staring @ the ceiling. here are some new photos of her...


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