handing over caregiver duties...

after almost three hectic weeks of running around with my baby to prep for this week long training at work, its finally here. i take a ride from mil to her place in the morning, read the papers, spend some time with my precious one before my mil whisks her off for a walk in the garden in a bid to get her to take her morning nap before i cab to office. y'day was a trial-trial since it was a short training conducted by our partner firm. today was the trial as i had a full morning training, followed by a whole afternoon of meeting outside of office (my afternoon was totally chaotic, no thanks to the IT fair @ suntec - bad weather plus traffic just drives me crazy). tomorrow is the real deal... i have to be in office the WHOLE day (from 0930 to 1730). i have to bring expressed breast milk (which princess is most likely NOT accept) to mil's place and bring my breast pump and storage cups to work in order to AVOID engorgement. i am so thankful that i do not work fixed and regular hours!

claire will attend a 2nd wake (in less than 5mths) tomorrow - my god father passed away this morning @ 4am. as far as i'm concerned, he's a mighty strong man. he had an accident and suffered a stroke when i was very young (probably 5 or 6 years old) but managed to survive for more than 20 years. he kept healthy by going for morning swims, playing mahjong and travelling around singapore BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT. really amazing considering he was semi-paralysed (one side of the body). i have a nice photo of him carrying me when i was a toddler somewhere - i will look for it and put it up as a tribute to him this weekend. may the good Lord bless him.

on a happier note, dh will finally be back tomorrow after THREE long weeks' of reservist.


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