my sweet little angel

my efforts in the last two weeks have paid off... my little princess now allows my mum, my dad, my sis, my bil, my mum's domestic helper and my mil's domestic helper carry her (mil and fil still not very successful). she's also willing to take her nap in my mum and mil's place! i count my blessings and thank the lord! as a reward for my 'hard work' (hey, its tought travelling from home - mil's place - home - parent's place - home EVERY DAY ok!), i finally went for a hair cut and treatment today - now i feel so lightheaded (literally)! in addition, i also managed to get my neck, shoulder and back massaged! thank you for being so co-operative my sweet little angel!

my little angel with my mom (hmm... can you believe my mom is almost 70? ssshhh.... don't tell her i 'exposed' her age)

little angel enjoying the bumbo seat


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