having fun @ gymboree

other than listening (and singing along) to music, flash cards, reading and exercise time, i have been searching for an 'organised learning' play time for my precious one. through my observations, i know claire loves music and massage so i wanted a place that provided both. there are numerous 'enrichment' centres around that boosts to have the best equipment and knowledge, researched curriculum for infants and toddlers but not that many that brings everything together nicely. claire and i went to babies n cream last month and she definitely enjoyed herself but its pretty far for us to travel there. hence, i started looking nearer and decided on gymboree. the 'classes' are tailored to different age group (by months) so claire is now on level one class. we went for the 'trial' class today and claire had fun 'making friends' with Gymbo - the colorful clown - who is gymboree's mascot. i decided to sign up for the membership after today's class and will start her 'officially' on classes pretty soon (after we sort out who's going to be her play date for this class). here's the 'welcome pack' she got - the t-shirt is WAY too big for her though...


i also t-loaned the bumbo seat from my neighbour to see if claire will enjoy sitting in it before i decide whether to buy it. doesn't she look cute in it? :)

it also seems that she is slowly getting used to having other people carry her (other than mom and pop). her fav. other person now is my bro-in-law... we 'tested' for 3 days in a row @ different times of the day and he passed with flying colors! she likes him so much that i don't even need to be around!

and seems like she doesn't mind my mom's domestic helper either (she cries murder EVERY TIME my domestic helper carries her!). it appears that she is also quite ok with my mil's domestic helper! we have yet figured out how she 'selects' who carries her! is it the grip holding her? the height that she is being carried at? we wonder... and we probably will never know.


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