@ week 36

the visit to OB y'day marks the 36th week of my pregnancy... i put on 0.6kg since the last visit (2 weeks' ago) but our little princess experienced a growth spurt! she put on 0.7kg which means she now weighs in @ 2.7kg (yippee! all the weight gain went to her!). the nurse commented that she's of a good size so even if i have to deliver her earlier, everything shd be ok. obviously, last visit's estimation of her weight @ birth doesn't stand anymore (dr tan put it @ 2.8kg on full term). her head diameter is now 8.3cm *this no. i'm worried about because the cervix can only stretch up to 10cm (medically) so if she is too big, i am either 1) going to tear 2) have an episiotomy performed on me and neither scenario fits into my birth plan!*
in any case, we have been religiously listening to the birthing affirmations cd and practising the techniques taught in our hypno-birthing class. we have another 2 classes (2 more sats!) to attend so my sweetheart, don't be too anxious to meet mummy and daddy yet ok?
btw, i also did a bit more shopping y'day and reduced the list of "things to buy" further! will be finally going to have my maternity portraits taken tomorrow with DH and chewy! photos will be up once i get them!


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