*banned* from work

this is week 37 and we're moving closer and closer to the arrival of princess... my sweet hubby has officially *banned* me from work... he wants me to rest @ home and just prepare for princess' arrival. we will be moving over to his parents' place this weekend as he wants to make sure someone is around when i go into labor. :) its nice to just stay @ home and do nothing (i spend my time now resting, reading, listening to the birthing affirmations and relaxing). even my boss doesn't *allow* me to step into office anymore!
my appetite has improved tremendously the last two weeks or so... and i'm so happy that princess is the one putting on the weight instead of me! hehe. i've started drinking coconut water (sticking to old wives tale) and also increased my bird nest intake to every day *when i remember, otherwise its alternate days*. :P
we are supposed to see dr tan weekly from last week but unfortunately, he is attending a medical conference this week and his schedule is fully booked next week... so our next visit will be on the 26 mar. dr tan says princess will definitely wait for him to be around before she makes her grand entrance!
looking at all the shopping bags lying around the house, i'm quite sure i've bought 90% - 95% of the things that princess will need... and as a result, have been *nagged* at by my dear friends who now have no idea what to buy for me again! haha... well, if all else fails... you all can buy me taka shopping vouchers!
over the weekend, we took preggy portraits @ the studio loft and really had fun. i took some nude & semi-nudi shots *blush* but they turned out really nice. its also our 1st studio photo shoot as a family (with our furry kid, chewy) but definitely won't be the last. i promise to put up some photos when i get them. many thanks to candida and maryann for the fun session!


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