wish list

since i'm almost into my 6th mth, many of my dear frens have started asking me what i need. other than buying some small items, i've not exactly started shopping for bb yet but yes, i do have a list of items that i intend to buy for my precious one... and here's the list with pictures for reference:

from left to right: Combi Stroller (Model: RiccoW), Avent IQ 24 Steriliser and Avent Bottle & Food Warmer

from left to right: Safety First Car Seat (Model: Intera Convertible), Combi Rashule High Chair cum rocker, Lucky Baby Besto Bath cum Changing Table Unit

these are the main items that i have not bought. if you wish to buy any of the items for me, please let me know so that i won't buy it (and i can make a note so that others won't buy it either!) ;) my dear aunt in US has already bought me most of the bb clothes that i'll need so i won't be needing any more clothes. i also intend to buy the medela pump-in-style breast pump and have already bought Avent milk bottles so won't be needing those as well. please buy me items in neutral color (just in case, claire doesn't make her appearance just yet!) - i like blue (yes, blue to me is a neutral color! coz gals can wear blue but boys cannot wear pink!), white, black, grey and beige colors. thank you so much in advance! *muacks*!!!

on a side note, little one has been kicking me pretty often... i think she never sleeps. i bought quite a few cds for her to listen to - all instrumental, like mozart and christian hymns. i also bought a book yesterday titled 'praying for your unborn child' so i'm going to make the effort to include little one in my daily prayers. emotionally, i am getting more excited - one part because the festive season is just around the corner (i love x'mas and cny) and of course, not long after the festivities, my little princess will make her grand appearance to this world! we will also be making our last overseas trip together as a couple end of this month. its going to be a short vacation to the neighbouring country to visit some friends and spend quality time together with each other before we become parents! i can't wait and i promise, photos coming up!

p.s.. two more weeks to the next OB visit!


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