more wishes

time really flies... i'm into my 6th month already! in less than 4 months, i will finally meet my little one! i'm excited but anxious and i know that i have to treasure my last 4 months of freedom! oh, how different life is going to be after march! i am starting to feel tired again (must be the extra weight i'm carrying around) and i definitely don't have as much energy (or stamina) as before. i can't really walk a mall for long without feeling the strain on my feet, or my back! my appetite has improved tremedously and i am constantly feeling hungry. i try to distract myself from eating by keeping busy and when i really have to eat, i'll look for fruits to eat first. obviously i don't want to deprive little one of her nutrients but i also don't wanna look like a pig! :P

back on the topic of my wish list... my lovely friend in shanghai has offered me her Avent Steriliser and Food Warmer (her little princess has already turned ONE!) so that these two items are now off my wish list. Not to forget, my sister also has offered me her baby cot. even though that is not on my wish list, it is still an essential (just that all along I still couldn't figure out which baby cot will match my existing furniture and can fit into my small house). In any case, as replacement, here are two other things that i'm putting on the list. :)

on the left, is the babyRock Comfy Carry Sling. see how happy the baby is in the carrier? :) please buy me the Cambray/Navy or White one, ok?

on the right, is the Bumper playmat featuring Winnie The Pooh from korea that will provide little one a cushioned play zone!

both items are available from BabeJoy at a discount now!

less than a week to next OB visit!


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