beautiful day

what a beautiful day... i took the train today and TWO women offered to give up their seat to me. second lady was insistent so i finally relented (afterall, my legs were a little tired from all the walking). thank you ladies! i really appreciate the kind gesture! whatever happened to 'gentleman'? all the men immediately 'fall asleep' when i get on the train!

i also went shopping for my precious one today... managed to buy a gorgeous Aprica W-mini Eye-to-Eye stroller for almost 50% off the usual price. very happy... this is what the stroller looks like:

very nice, ain't it? i'm so pleased with this purchase (even though it is still very expensive after the discount) that i can't stop grinning still! there's more! on our way home from the store, we saw a beautiful rainbow! that just about completes my day!!

so there you are, one item less on my wish list! i promise to update my wishlist as and when i buy things for my precious one (and of course, add new items when i think of them!)


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