my precious!

after much anticipation, we went to see the OB yesterday (and of course, little Claire). it was a supppppppperrrrrrrrrrrrr long wait @ the clinic because there was an emergency case that dr tan had to attend to. i reached the clinic @ 3.40 but only got to see dr tan at 5.20 or so and as a result, it was a rushed appointment. didn't spend that much time with little Claire. :(

in any case, we are glad that the scans showed that little Claire is developing normally. dr tan scanned her brain and heart and no abnormalies were detected so that's a relief. she is really active now, kicking me constantly... so much so that i feel like 'tearing' her out of me sometimes! here's a scan of her brain.

its no longer possible to have a full scan of little one now that she is about 35cm (that's longer than the ruler that we are used to in school!) and i finally understand why my EDD keeps getting pushed back. little Claire is slightly below average in terms of size. based on estimation, she currently weighs 668g @ 25 weeks. nothing to worry about though, coz dear hubby and i are rather small sized ourselves. anyway, i hope she doesn't grow too big otherwise i'm going to have a hard time delivering her naturally. i am hoping for a epidural-free natural birth (and if i had a choice, as little tearing as possible!).

i've eaten durian twice in the last month as my colleague has a theory that bb will have more hair if mummy eats durian during pregnancy. yes, old wives tale but no harm trying, right? i am rather paranoid about bb being borned without hair coz i think bbs w/o hair are really ugly (like some bbs i know!!) haha...

and once again, i've started counting down to the next visit to the OB!


mama bear said…
Great to hear all is going well...admire your determination to keep slim man :P

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