yikes... its been more than 6 months!

can't believe how long it has been since I last posted... there's plenty to catch up... will do the posts randomly (according to my memory!) starting with our most recent family studio photoshoot.

actually even before li'l missy was borned, I made a mental note to myself about getting photos taken regularly for memory... but me being me with a goldfish-kinda memory (read: pea-sized brain for remembering things), this kinda got forgotten along the way.

even for this recent family photoshoot, it was really because I need to get some 'mugshots' taken for work and the studio happened to have a promotion of sorts and well, you know me, I can never really resists promotions so... :)

I chose to go to the studio on the day li'l Missy turned four for obvious reasons but you know what, the studio still has not sent me her personal shot (that reminds me that I really should be calling them up to check) - I've collected the rest and here are a couple:

family shot

siblings shot

me & my two precious


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