Happy Mother's Day - 08 May 2011

this is the 4th year that I am celebrating as a Mom (in the 1st one, li'l missy was only less than a month old!)... but its the 1st time I'm getting presents... :)

li'l missy made this bracelet for me in playschool - she couldn't wait to give it to me. since she only goes to school on Mon, Tues and Thurs, I received this early present on the 05 May. Thank you sweetie! Mommy loves it...

dh got me a present too - instead of getting one for our wedding anniversary, which falls on 10 May (we've been married for 8 years now!)...

I think its really a present for himself - he has been fascinated with them since he first laid eyes on the Nespresso machines! haha... I don't even really drink coffee to begin with but this machine 'processes' tea capsules too and that's why we chose this over the Nepresso machines. But anyhow, a nice machine to have when my guests come over and I love having people over! I just need to learn how to froth milk in the proper way for cappucinos!

our usual Sunday routine revolves around breakfast, groceries shopping, fish shopping and prawn fishing... but I was asked what I would like to do today. to be honest, it really did not matter what we did as long as we were together as a family... so I turned to my li'l missy and asked her what she would like to do instead. she chose to go 'sand-castle beach' so we made our way to sentosa.

we started off at the underwater world since Chace has never been there before and he loves fishes! there are some additions to the exhibits at the underwater world since our last visit. At the entrance, there's now a 'turtle pond' with quite a few turtles - unfortunately I think there's too little space for these magnificient sea creatures. On the other side on the entrance, there was a child and his father learning to snorkel and there were plenty of rays swimming in the water. don't have any nice photos to show. :P

as usual, I am fascinated with the leafy sea dragon and couldn't help taking yet another photo of it.

we couldn't view the exhibits in underwater world in peace coz li'l missy kept bugging us to bring her to 'sand castle beach' - we gave in to her whining eventually and ended up at 'trapizza'. a nice spot where we could sit in cool comfort and sip our drinks while watching the two of them play.

Chace enjoying a little bit of sunshine (check out his tummy!)

Claire feeling the heat

she didn't last too long out in the sun though and bugged us to get home so we had to quickly tabao some food and head home - this little bit of Sun morning activity cost us about $100; anyone still thinks Singapore is NOT expensive to live in?


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