i armed myself with 3 confinement cook books (+ bookmarked a couple of websites with confinement receipes) this time round since i anticipated no help whatsoever but until now, i have not really had the chance to use them. i've had someone bring me food (almost) every day. i feel really pampered and blessed to have so many who care for me (and my stomach). interestingly though, i do not really feel hungry even though i am nursing two. nevertheless, i enjoy slurping the soups (though they makes me perspire profusely each time) & yummy food that have been lovingly prepared by my mom (actually her helper), my mil (actually also the helper) and even my sis' mil (herself)!

other than that, i am so thankful that my parents willingly looked after #1 for me every morning last week (dh was then on half day leave) and having my mil pop by every morning this week to entertain #1 for a couple of hours, which gave me some time to breathe (& rest). going forward though, i will need to figure out how to care for the two of them on my own.

i took #2 for his scheduled DR appt this morning to check on his jaundice level and i'm glad that its coming down without having to do the phototherapy suggested by his PD. my li'l milk monster has put on weight again - 4.05kg; at this rate, he will be same weight as #1 in no time!


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