post delivery - 10 days on...

without a doubt, my life has changed drastically - from the mom of a 2 yr+ toddler to a mom with a newborn & a 2 yr+ toddler. i have to work on my daily schedule from scratch - fitting in the newborn's feeding & sleeping timing with #1's schedule. fortunately, #2 has been good so far - he feeds well (bfing seems easier with subsequent children) and sleeps well - hopefully, it stays this way.

i'm tandem nursing the 2 children - even though it feels slightly weird to be nursing #1 coz of her size. overnight, she just seem to have 'grown up' - she now lies on my lap awkwardly but nevertheless, i still enjoy the bonding time and her sweet smile when she detaches and say 'mmm... i love mommy's milk - so yummy!'... with her, i don't need to be a slave to the pump because she helps to relieve my engorgement & clear the milk ducts - this allows me to have abundance of milk for both of them - evident from the weight that #2 is clearly putting on. when we discharged from the hospital last Wed, #2's weight was 3.4kg+ (dropped from the 3.6kg+ when he was born) and on Fri, when we went back for the Bili test (to check the jaundice level), he weighed 3.7kg+... the numbers definitely speak for themselves.

i feel immensely blessed with these two beautiful children - they are definitely the bestest gifts that God has given me (hopefully i still feel this way when they are teenagers... haha!). #1 shows clear affection for her younger sibling even though we can see that she is also adjusting - we try to give her as much attention as possible but when she acts up, we still deem it necessary to discipline her (to avoid spoiling her). adjusting, adjusting, adjusting... we need to do plenty of that in the next few weeks.

weight wise, i'm glad that i've already lost close to 10kg (meaning i already weigh less than when i found out about the pregnancy) and definitely already feel lighter... would be great to lose another 10kg though! :P glad to be able to fit into all my clothes once again!


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