taking time to...

stay fit! prior to having my li'l princess, i was a regular gym-goer/swimmer. it is in my blood to keep moving (or just walking) as i cannot bear to be over a certain weight at any time. unfortunately, since she came along, my own fitness has taken a step back (in fact, even few steps back). i just cannot find the time (or sometimes, the energy) to exercise. its something i deeply regret and that i always agonize over!

even though i am not the sort who'd make a new year resolution and stick to it (lack of determination mostly), keeping fit will be one of my focus for this year - largely due to the fact that i've come to realise that my stamina has really declined with age and it totally freaks me out. hence i've taken the 1st step by enrolling in an aqua-aerobics class (bearing in mind that at this stage, there are not many exercises i can carry out safely!).

i had a great hour today, doing a relatively comfortable workout and boy, does it feel good! i am looking forward to the next 11 sessions & who knows, i may even continue to do the classes until the day i pop (that would be exactly 2 rounds of enrollment on my part)! since my exercise regime has been practically non-existent in the last two years, i am not pushing myself that hard but i am slowly working towards a regular 3x a week exercise schedule all the way to my due date!


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