milestones and more

my li'l princess is fast approaching her 2nd birthday and i realised that i've not been tracking her milestones for some time now... so i'm going to 'attempt' listing down (from memory) all the way from my last record in Oct 08 till now... starting with the good ones

  1. tells 'stories' in both mandarin & english - she speaks in sentences (though not always grammatically correct and probably cannot differentiate between the two languages) ALL DAY LONG - yes, the only time i get peace and quiet is when she is sleeping

  2. puts on her own clothings, e.g. pants, shirt, socks and shoes (though not always correctly, e.g. sometimes both legs on the same side of her pants)

  3. answers questions correctly (e.g. 'what is ur name?', 'how old are you?', parts of her body)

  4. feeds herself (though really messy)

  5. plays imaginatively with her toys ('talks' on the phone, 'feeds' her dolls/bears)

  6. knows her (frequently seen) friends by their name

  7. has an amazing vocabulary

  8. completes familiar songs/rhymes

  9. recognise familiar words on the flashcards

  10. tries to count

  11. differentiates her story books (know which book contains which story)

  12. weight is finally back on the percentile charts (at abt 15%)
as for the bad ones (fortunately, a short list and hopefully, will not get longer!)

  1. started displaying 'terrible two' syndromes (which i largely ignore in an attempt to 'discourage' the behavior) e.g. cry/scream/whine for something - i'd ignore her until she stops

  2. started 'complaining' - all of a sudden, start to dislike the maid and want her out of her sight (i'm not sure if this is a sign that the maid is mistreating her and i'm actually quite wary now to leave her alone with the maid)

  3. refuses to let the maid give her her meal


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