baby #2 updates (i)

saw 2 OB for 2 consecutive weeks - last week to do the OSCAR (one stop clinical assessment of risk) test for down's syndrome and today, for my 'regular' scheduled visits. the OSCAR test is really not compulsory and i was really not keen to do it - the OB, on the other hand, 'encourage' me to do so for a piece of mind, despite the fact that i really do not fall into the 'high-risk' category (its really good money for them - cost an additonal $500 - almost!).

anyhow, to make my 'money's worth', i asked the OB last week if he could tell baby's gender - his answer? 'i'm right 80 - 90% of the time and i think u're carrying a boy but... there's still a 10 - 20% chance that i'm wrong'!

on my scheduled visit today, OB tried to scan for the gender as promised in the previous appt... unfortunately, li'l one wasn't too co-operative and kept the legs closed - after 'disturbing' li'l one (by tapping on my womb) for a good ten minutes, he spotted a li'l bird and said 'i'm guessing its a boy (he's 60% sure only)... but don't tell anyone yet!'...

so let's poll... should i believe that #2 will be a boy?


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