sembawang park

our metal halide for the fish tank went down (apparently, the ballast short-circuited) and after searching high and low, we finally found someone who could help us repair it but we had to bring it to his place all the way north. since we were in the vicinity, we took the opportunity to check out the real estate in the area - its one of the areas in our consideration because its 'oh-so-outta-way-away-from-the-crowds' - dh and i actually dislike crowds (and obviously crowded places) so it would be nice to come home to somewhere quiet plus through flipping the papers, it would appear that the landed houses in the area are still rather reasonably priced.

unfortunately though, we didn't see anything we liked (that was friendly to our pockets). what we did though, was to explore the park in the area. for such an 'ulu' area, there was really quite a fair bit of activity in the park - lots of happy campers & fisherman-wanna-be. and as always, li'l princess is always happy to have the space to run amok! :)

her latest 'fav-thing-to-do' - hanging like a monkey - i'm usually the one who holds her hand when she walks but nowadays, she always tries to find another hand to hold so that she can kick off from the ground and hang by her arms! my mom will 'protest' whenever she does that - saying that she may end up with longer arms than legs (thus looking like an orang utan!) haha....


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