potty training

disclaimer 1st - i am not trying to 'show-off' my child's ability (no doubt i'm proud of her)

prior to this month, i have been constantly bugged by my mom and dh to start potty training li'l princess and the truth is, i never really bothered. we bought a potty, yes... and i did some reading, even looked out for story books on that topic but i never really got down to it. one of the main reasons for my 'lack of interest' is that the materials i read all indicate that the 'appropriate' age to start potty training is between 2 to 3 years old (just do a search on google for 'potty training' if you are keen to read more), plus, some kid in the family who is very close to his 3rd birthday is still far from being toilet trained - so obviously to me, there is no rush since she is still far from her 2nd birthday.

what i have been doing though is observing claire's bowel movement schedules as well as allowing her to 'watch me in action' - i leave the toilet door open when doing my business so she can watch me. just in case you think i'm an exhibitionsit, i am not! she is my only (other) audience. at the same time, i invite her to sit on her own potty, fully clothed. initially, i could see that she was really apprehensive and would shake her head violently to decline my invitation but she slowly became less frightened of her 'potty' and would even pretend to ride it like how she rides her rocking horse and this amazing li'l gal just decided one day that she would do her business in the potty - she came to me and tried pulling off her diaper while making the 'mm, mm' sound (mimicking me as i made exaggerated sounds when doing my biz) so i quickly undressed her and took off the diaper and she did her business there and then. obviously i thought it was a fluke and its just happened coincidentally but no, she has been doing it consistently - there were times i didn't believe her (coz she already did her biz that day) so she pooped in her diaper. now i just go with her flow and bring her to the potty whenever she 'tells' me to.

so there, my 16 mths old baby (yes, she's still a baby to me) is potty trained, just like that - it looks like the disposable diapers she won during the baby contest is going to last us a VERY long time (7 packs in total and we haven't even started using them coz she is still on M size and the diapers are either L or XL).


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