x'mas; lights, shopping and more...

we have been really busy the last couple of weeks, for a couple of reasons:

  1. x'mas is around the corner and there was plenty of gift hunting to do...
  2. once the gift hunting was done, there was plenty of gift wrapping to do...
  3. its the time of the year that i send out greetings to my clients, to 'tell' them that i am still around (and in biz!)

in addition, there was a x'mas party to prepare for (for claire's friends) & this year, i decided that i wanted to 'create' the x'mas ambience for my little princess (being her 1st x'mas)... so i spent some time planning and buying the appropriate decor for the festive mood. unfortunately, i was unable to cajole dh to get a x'mas tree for the house - his reason; we simply have no space and our little princess will probably 'eat' all the trinkets hanging off the tree (no doubt its true)... *sighz* but well, i did the best i can... what do you think? (dh promised that we'll buy a bigger house and have space for a BIG x'mas tree in the next few years!)


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