baby's 1st christmas

as always, christmas is the time of the year we enjoy the company of our extended family, indulge in good food and exchange gifts - this was done slightly earlier this year (on eve of x'mas eve) as we made plans to make it a little more special for little one.. our family was blessed with many gifts from loved ones and in return, we had a great time handing out gifts. :)

on x'mas eve, we checked into the ritz to spend x'mas together as a family! coincidentally, we had to attend a wedding dinner on the same night on behalf of parents-in-law (who were away on holiday) at the same venue, which works out very well since we can save on the travelling time and catch up on some well-deserved sleep (for me, that is!). ritz is truly a 5-star hotel - we were greeted with a comfortable looking baby cot & baby toiletries was provided for little one. the room was extremely comfortable and had a fantastic view! well, what can i say? it was a wonderful 1st x'mas with our little princess. i shall let the photos speak for themselves...


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