not very successful

I guess its pretty obvious that I'm not able to blog as often as I'd like to even though its what I set out to do. Between shuttling the children to and fro school, catching up with work in the office and occasionally cooking a meal or two, I can barely find time to do anything else. It doesn't help that I need more sleep than normal now or that I'm not very good at managing my time. :|

Just for the record, Chace at 30 months, only has 19 teeth and is still not potty trained. I'm a believer that the child will achieve a milestone when he/she is ready and thus I'm not worried. The grandmas, on the other hand, have been bugging me to toilet train him particularly because Claire was off diapers in the day when she was about 18 months. However, he is way before schedule for other milestones e.g. speech and motor skills so that, in itself, really isn't a cause for concern.

As for Claire, she is starting to realize that school is not all fun and play. Other than having to bring back 'homework' (this term's theme is on plants so she had to bring back some seedlings to grow), preparing for 'Speech & Tell' bi-weekly and spelling every week. Fortunately, the feedback from the teacher has been good so far. She is also continuing with her music lessons as its appears up to now, that she truly enjoys them. We are also thinking of starting her on golf lessons and maybe at some point, some self-defence classes as well now that she will be up against 2 brothers in the future. :P

#3 is also progressive well in general though some red flags have been raised - I'm choose to be positive about the situation since many of my friends have had false scares in their most recent pregnancies.


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