cold & coughing away

I always know its trouble - when the OTHER family falls ill. Though we do not meet often (once every two weeks, maybe - even that is too much), there is a 'carrier' who will bring the germs and viruses over to my household. It normally starts with the children and then DH... and I'm usually the last to get hit. But since I am pregnant now (there are many articles explaining why pregnant women get sick more easily - just google it), I got infected before DH and I'm glad to say *touch wood* that the children got a much milder version.

It started last week - with a horrible feeling in the throat and before I knew it, I lost my voice *almost completely* - conversations were reduced to whispers and I bet the children were glad that I couldn't SHOUT at them when they did something dangerous! I started off with laryngitis and then, drippy nose - I've got my voice back now but now the throat is always itchy, the nose is stuffy and the phlegm is greenish. *YUCKS* but I guess that means I'm on the way to recovery. But I hate it, really, really hate it. Hope I recover before we leave for our cruise this weekend... :{ I am actually looking forward to the trip - though we have cruised before many times, this will be the first time we go on a Royal Caribbean cruise and obviously, its a first for the kids - Claire is excited as its a early birthday trip for her. We can't cruise any later, partly because there are not many cruises scheduled from now to her birthday and also because women beyond 24 weeks are not allowed on board - How silly, isn't it? Considering that airlines do permit flying up to 32 weeks or something, with a DR's certification. And oh, the OTHER (copycat) family is also going to go on a cruise after this - I really wonder why she find so much joy 'copying' what we do.


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