i cannot walk alreadyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

that's what our li'l princess likes to say whenever we are out after a while - so for the longest time, i have been contemplating on buying a twin stroller. never mind that we ALREADY have two strollers... to me, it just made more sense to push around a twin stroller than to push around TWO strollers, one with each hand - a bit like doing stunt, don't you think? And yes, I know they sell clips to attach two strollers together but that's provided the two strollers are similar.... we have a Jeep umbrella stroller and an Aprica one so i don't think those clips works.... and i finally found my solution today!

i have seen these around but all the shops i asked told me that it CANNOT fit my Jeep... but guess what, i found that there are in fact three sizes and the 'mini' one solves my problem! :) now i'm happy as can be! my hunt for a twin stroller can FINALLY end...

*i just have an affinity with sweden made products for some reason


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