Chace has croup AGAIN!

sigh... my li'l boy is down again... the last round, we took him to KK coz he woke up MUTE on a sunday morning... the DR @ KK prescribed him a dose of steroid and some nebulizer treatment as his oxygen reading fell below the optimum level and we were out of the hospital within hours.

this time round, i started noticing the 'barking cough' on tuesday... instead of going to KK (since its a weekday and not really an emergency), we went back to see his regular PD on fri (rather than wait for it to get worse over the weekend)... the bill costs us more than twice the amount incurred @ KK's A&E but there's no respite... because it is virtually impossible to get our li'l prince to swallow his medication because he has learnt to spit out (what he normally does when he has enough food or doesn't want to eat anymore). his attending PD didn't deem that his condition was serious enough and sent us back after prescribed some nebulizer treatment and some medication (which I have not really administered successfully so far). i even tried mixing the medicine with his favourite food but to no avail.

any suggestions?


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