irresponsible with a capital I

we visited kids explorer @ downtown east y'day, together with mummy D & jesse. half way through our playtime, i noticed a familiar face... he was running amok all by himself at the indoor playground for a good half hour and we are talking about a toddler here, who has yet turn 4. i'm appalled that there was no adult around AT ALL to supervise him. at first, i thought it was his play school that brought him there and was wondering which irresponsible school would leave a toddler to play all by himself but found out today, that it was actually his MOTHER who left him alone to play there (while she went to get lunch). granted, there are other adults around but seriously who would be bothered with another person's kid if they have their own kid(s) to mind, until the accident (if any) happens? of course, you may say that the indoor playground is relatively safe but ACCIDENTS do happen, otherwise why are they called ACCIDENTS and why would the playground have a 'no liability clause' in their rules & regulations? obviously it is possible to get injured (e.g. from falling from heights) no matter how 'safe' the place looks.

obviously motherhood has not changed this person a single bit - she declares herself as an 'animal lover' and used to always bring home strays animals (including snakes), only to have her mom be the one who looks after these strays and when she got tired of them, her dad would have to be the 'evil' one to get rid of them. this same person DEMANDED her mom to look after her child (now children) after giving birth.

talk about irresponsible... how i pity her children!


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