strawberry milk?

warning: graphic post

i've always thought that bfing gets easier (& better) with subsequent children - because you are supposed to know what to do already!

unfortunately though, i am still dodged by the same problems 2nd time round... its largely because my li'l prince decides that night feeds are not important & me, being the 'lazy' one, choosing sleep over clearing the milk ducts... now i'm in so much pain that i'm close to shouting out my entire vocabulary of expletives at the top of my voice! doesn't help that dh doesn't appreciate nor empathise with me!

and oh, that's milk tinged with blood by the way & not strawberry milk! i had to use needles to poke and try to find the blocked ducts - that's the reason for the blood. no fun at all... i gave up after 15 mins w/o finding all the spots.


Jane said…
I feel painful just by reading the post alone, gosh.
MamaJ said…
Oh dear! Must have hurt like crazy! (I came across your blog while browsing btw...) Anyway, I was very prone to blocked ducts last time as well, and my lactation consultant showed me how to press them out by rolling the nipple while compressing on the blocked area (she says using needles may increase the risk of mastits). I find it only works if its a true blocked duct with a milk blister present. If there are no milk blisters, I find taking 2 ponstans helps with the pain and clears up the inflammation in a couple of hours (its like magic), but you'll have to keep feeding frequently on the affected side.

Hope that might help, do take care and hang in there with the b'feeding!
jjloo said…
pls dont use the needle to poke. I cant understand the pain. I experience it previously too. You have to use warm towel to put over. must have patient. will take a few days to recover. But eventually, I was left with one lump. went to gynea to poke, costed me $200
abs0lut_v0dka said…
thanks for all the suggestions! will try it out the next time (though i hope i won't have a chance to do so)

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