same same but different...

Are you very different from your other siblings? My two babies are as different as chalk and cheese! Both in appearance and in behavior… but why? from the same factory leh...

They may look identical but Claire is fair skinned, petite & lightweight whereas Chace is rather dark skinned at this point, tall, stout & heavyweight. In fact, Chace’s face is now almost as big as Claire’s (He is 6kg+ now @ 2 months’ old). As DH aptly put it – lucky the girl is thin and the boy is fat and not the other way around. We do want to marry Claire off some day!

Claire used to wake up every hour or so for milk in the initial months, thus totally disrupting my sleeping schedule. She is a ‘small-eater’ as she takes sips of milk each time she nurses whereas Chace tanks up each time he does. As a result, he is (almost) sleeping through the night from as early as a month ago, waking up only once or twice and its not even to feed – he won’t even open his mouth when I offer him milk – he just wants to look around and will easily drift back off to lala land. Sleep is apparently more important to this little boy – he remains in deep sleep even when I change his diaper. His willingness to sleep is much appreciated and I have managed to sleep for good 5 hours stretches, which in my opinion is fantastic with an infant around. Unfortunately though, he is rather noisy even asleep – making grunting noises when he stretches and I get awaken anyway because I’m such a light sleeper! The other ‘downside’ of him sleeping through – the ‘milk factory’ doesn’t get emptied and causes me to be really uncomfortable so I end up ‘reporting’ to the inanimate pump at the unearthly hour instead. Its difficult for me to understand why some mummies choose to pump instead of latching on since they want to breastfeed... I'm totally hate emptying my milk ducts using this method... not to mention having to get out of bed to wash & sterilise the bottles & pump parts half-asleep!

this morning's 'output'

Nursing is definitely easier the 2nd time round – without breaking a sweat, I pump out almost 200ml of milk in less than 10 mins and I do not even bother emptying the milk factory as I'm hoping my little prince (or princess) will wake up for a night snack.

I suspect their characters will also be opposite of each other but for that, only time will tell…


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