mid-autumn festival

our group of mummy friends finally managed another meet up after a REALLY long time - our 'excuse' this time? to celebrate mid-autumn festival together again (its another week away actually). our li'l ones have grown tremendously since last year & its great to see everyone again... and some of our families have grown larger too! let's hope we can continue to do this many more years!

last year

this year

spotted any difference?

went through my old entries (and photos) and realised that i didn't write about this last year (neither did i take any pictures!) - wonder why?? anyway, we had a pot-luck session like last year and everyone contributed yummy food - unfortunately, the satay/otah/muffins did not make their 'appearance' coz two families didn't turn up!


Caitlyn's Mommy said…
Alamaks...don't tell me the other family who didn't turn up is Xen's?? And we were the ones who emailed the most! ahahahaha!

Pity I couldn't make it...Cait was napping so soundly that I couldn't bear to wake her! Lots of muffins in my house now! :P
abs0lut_v0dka said…
hehe... u're right!

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